Tomb Of Undead HD

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Spiele Unterhaltung Karten Puzzle
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Tomb of Undead is a highly addictive memory match game. All the cards are laid face down. Flip two cards and if theyre matching, they disappear.

But its also an horror game ! You can exercice your memory with lots of levels and different options :

☆ the Plume : slow time down
☆ the Stick : show one pair of cards
★ the Spider : speed up time
★ the Web : freeze all cards
★ the Bones : freeze two cards
★ the Witch : mix all cards up

Tomb of undead combine animation, fun, great graphics, horror music (and sounds) and unique hand drawn cards to boost and amuse your memory.

Why play Tomb Of Undead HD .
* great graphics and sounds for your iPad
* simple game to sharpen your memory
* great way to pass time

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